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Our Concept
SportSight is an exercise partner for runners and cyclers. It tracks your training status, analyses your performance and displays them in real time on Google Glassware.

SportSight is functioned in 2 parts: Google Glassware and a mobile App in major mobile platforms. Featured in 4 phases - training, real time, competition and performance.

SportSight records and analyzes your training data. Time, distance, speed and calories burnt will be recorded for analysis purpose.
Real Time
Real time tracking and analysis is also implemented in SportSight. You can retrieve current performance and running check points by the GLASS App easily.
Compete with your friends at SportSight's platform. You can easily track down the ranks and performances within your group of runners in real time with simple setup.
Data is king. You can always retrieve your running records in SportSight App to evaluate your training result.
GoodSight is a creative team from Ringus Solution Enterprise Limited which is dedicated in Mobile App development. The team is constructed by talents from different perspectives with strong experience background. Our team is aimed to develop cutting edge software applications which can enhance human living. Putting SportSight as our start, more wearable solutions will be coming.

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